Sales Officially Begin

2nd Oct, 2009 |

Where some places begin their sales on the 26th December – Boxing Day, everyone has started their sales by today. Hit the shops now because all the best goes fast!!

Oxford Street on sale!!

Enjoy the shops!!

Sales end!!

24th Jan, 2009 |

Sales end in under a week. This is good and bad. Bad because all the prices go up but good because they want to get rid of any remaining stock and people are spent out. So now is the time where you can find a truely great bargain. All stock is out including that forgotten amazing dress that was £100 but is now on sale for under a tenner!!

What are you waiting for?

Boxing Day

26th Dec, 2008 |

Boxing Day has many traditions. Most commonly know for:-

  • Gift Giving (boxed) by employers /employees
  • Staff taking left overs in a box home after the Christmas Celebrations
  • Churches counting their boxes with Money to spread to the poor
  • Capturing of a wren into a box to ask for a good harvest

It has changed over the years and kids today know it as a day to count their money save through the year (plus their Christmas bonuses) followed by a spending spree in the Sales!! In other words after the heavy spending of Christmas, shops reduce their prices so that you cannot resist their sales.

Here in London sales can be very stressful. It is not unheard of that people camp outside NEXT so when it opens at 4am on boxing day, they are the first in to grab the best goodies!! However, if you want to avoid the rush, you can actually bet the queues and mad rush by shopping online.

Personally to me…. it is a time to Shop! Shop! Shop!


6th Oct, 2008 |

The thing with travelling is that we take lots of photographs and never get round to printing them! So, if you ever needed a reason to get your photos printed.. here is a code to get a fiver off your photos!

If you spend £20 or more on gifts and prints, you can get £5 off your order. This is over and above the 50 free prints you can also claim!

  1. Click on the link
  2. Order you photos
  3. Enter the offer code SAVE5 at the checkout

Simple as 1, 2, 3! No need to call Owen for PC Support!!

Note – The offer excludes Kids collection and Photo Fashion and is valid until midnight 31st December 2008. Standard Photobox terms and conditions apply.

Hamleys – The world’s largest toyshop!

1st Oct, 2008 |

Hamleys is known for the finest toys in the world. It is the most renowned toyshop in the world. People from all over the world come to see it. The best known is the huge multi storey store in Oxford Street. So if you are trying to vere away from buying silver baby gifts, then Hamleys is the place to shop!

The best bit, is despite their fame and reputation, they have not over inflated their prices, so you can shop to your heart’s content. However you do need to bear in mind that you have to carry it all back home! But we have a trick up our sleeves. Hamleys will deliver their products to you! Not only will they just deliver, they won’t even charge you for delivery if you spend more than £75 which is easy to do if shopping for the kids (and I am including yourself!!).

So go for the fun of it, but order online and save your hand the ache of carrying all those toys back home!!


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